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I was minding my own business. 

I was. 

Out with my closest family, drinking and dancing the night away. 

Then I awoke—vision blurred, throat dry, head throbbing like someone was taking a sledgehammer to my skull except it wasn’t a hangover I was suffering. 

It was a kidnapping.

They said I was their only hope to save their dad. 

You think that would at least give me a meal for such a feat. Not kept against my will, chained to a wall, and taunted with freedom. 

Then she appeared. 

Copper hair, luscious lips, and beautiful green eyes. 

I had hope. 

She crushed it. 

She lied to me. 

She promised me a way out of the hell I was enduring. 

So I stayed, wasting away day by day, praying to God B723 found me. 

They did. 

Then I created every way in my head to destroy her, them, and every single hard-on I had…for her. 

She thinks her sisters are bad. 

They’re a joke compared to what I’m capable of when pissed. 

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