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Emmy Lou Rhodes was mine, but she didn’t want anyone to know. She kept me a dirty secret, locked up like a caged animal so that no one would discover what we had done.
I’m a man with demons who demand for me to heed caution.
Yet I didn’t yield when I had the perfect opportunity to swallow her whole.
I was her dirty little secret.
She was my everything.
But then she gave someone what I always wanted, her life, and then she destroyed me all in one night.

Kace Bishop is a man I fell in love with when I knew better.
He could never love a girl like me.
Overbearing, opinionated, and, sure-shit, not going to take crap with the men I work with.
I warned myself it wasn’t a good idea, but when he asked, I left without caring how hard I’d fall.
He couldn’t give me what I needed.
So I moved on and made the worse mistake of my life.
I always thought Bishop would destroy me.
Turns out, I’m the villain in this story.

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